Hestan and Cangshan Cutlery Presidents Talk Success Part 2 "Community Ties"

The Hestan and Cangshan Cutlery brands were both built upon thoughtful innovation and close collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. We stand alongside our friends and partners in the restaurant industry.

“We want our commercial chefs to feel that Hestan products are an asset to their kitchen. And we will continue to do all we can to support them until the restaurant industry is back on its feet.”
– Eric Deng, President of Hestan.

Hestan and Cangshan have both enjoyed longstanding relationships with Chef Thomas Keller. His pursuit of meaningful improvement has helped drive both product lines, while the esprit de corps of Chef Keller’s kitchens has also inspired our corporate cultures. Or, as Eric puts it, “to be the best, you have to demand the best. Hestan and Cangshan are both associated with these values in quality and performance. I believe this is what Chef Keller proudly represents for both brands.”

Chef Keller likes our innovative designs and quality, which is very special in this traditional industry.”
– Henry Liu, President of Cangshan Cutlery.

Eric Deng and Henry Liu both know that at the end of the day, the success of your brand comes down to the team building it. As Henry says, “without a good team, you can’t build a successful business and can’t transform yourself from a good soldier to a captain with a wide, far-reaching vision.”

One of the key factors to a team’s success is trust. At Hestan and Cangshan, that’s right on brand with constant innovation and collaboration. “I work with a lot of talented people whom I care about very much. Individually we may not be perfect, but together as a team we can be perfect,” said Eric. “I love what each person uniquely brings to the team. I know that my teammates are making sacrifices in our work toward a common goal.”

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