SHARK Series 4-Stage Knife Sharpener, Red, 1026818

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Product Description
The SHARK Series 4-Stage Knife Sharpener offers two stages of sharpening and honing for both European and Asian-style knives. The coarse slots feature ultra-hard tungsten carbide rods, perfect for restoring dull edges. Both fine slots utilize finely grained ceramic rods, designed for daily honing and final edge polishing.
  • Designed for European and Asian-style knives.
  • Two stages of edge care for both knife styles.
  • A soft ergonomic handle creates a comfortable and secure grip.
  • The rubberized slip-resistant base is for safe use.
  • Made for left- and right-handed use.
    1. Place the sharpener on a flat, dry surface.
    2. Use the Coarse slot to sharpen your knife’s edge. Use the Fine slot to polish and hone your knife’s edge.
    3. Firmly hold the sharpener by the handle and place the heel of your knife into the sharpening slot. Pull the knife back towards you from the heel to the tip of the knife’s edge with light pressure downwards. As you pull the knife backward, follow the curve of the blade to ensure the knife’s edge is in constant contact with the sharpening rods. Repeat 8-10 times depending on how dull or damaged the knife is at the start. Never push the knife forward through the sharpening slot.
    4. When you are finished sharpening your knife, clean the sharpener with a damp cloth or soft brush and dry immediately.

    Always keep fingers away from the sharpening slots during use to avoid serious injury. Always clean the sharpener after use with a clean, damp cloth or soft brush and dry immediately after. Do not rinse the sharpener with water. Always check with the manufacturer of your knife to get the correct sharpening angle. Cangshan knives are sharpened to 16 degrees.