Cangshan 1021516 Solid Ash Wood Magnetic ANCHOR Knife Sheath Only for 10.25-Inch Bread Knife

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Gorgeously grained carbonized Ashwood make these unique and functional sheaths distinctly beautiful. Each sheath features a stunning copper toned magnet that lends a striking accent to the piece while also safely securing the knife blade during storage. The sheaths are carved from a single piece of wood and then heated to increase their durability and darken the color of the wood. This process allows the unstained wood to retain it’s natural beauty while also enhancing the durability of the whole piece.

  • Patent pending design focuses on unique and functional sheaths distinctly beautiful
  • Each sheath is crafted from a solid piece of Ash wood with gorgeous grain
  • Special carbonized wood makes the sheath more durable also ensures all natural with no glue, stain or resin
  • A embedded copper toned magnet makes the sheath stylish and safely secures the knife blade during storage
  • Works with all Cangshan Knife Series 10.25-inch bread knife

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